Redstone Strategies started from individuals who have been experters in marketing and others in politics. Bringing the two together we have been able to bring our passion in creating highly effective marketing campaigns for our clients. No matter if you are in a local race or if you are going to be the next president of the United States, we have the talent to help get your message out to the masses and win!


With our overwhelming knowledge of marketing and politics, we use the following services to get you elected!

We design mailers that are SEEN and not just thrown away! We bring the power of the postoffice to your campaign, getting your message to the targeted audience you need for your election.

Everything from eMail, TXT messaging, Ringless voicemail and more, we have the talent to get people to your pages for donations, events, or anything in between. Knowing how to grab the attention of the voters for your election is what we specialize in. With decades of experience in email marketing, we have the ability to bring your mesage alive.

The ability to have a well designed website to get your message across to your voters is a specialty we have. With staff that has decades of web design and development experience we have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world. Everything from logo design to maintaining your website, we have you covered!

In todays world getting your message out infront of your voters and/or donors is vital! It is complicated if you have never done social media marketing before. Targeting, pixels, retargeting, custom audiences, lead generation, etc.... Leave the tech work to our experienced staff to create and design your marketing ads to help you succeed!

Let us take your campaign to the next level! We offer the experience and services needed to raise the funds you need for your campaign. With many years of expience in lead generation, email acqusation, and digital marketing, we have the knowledge and abilities to help meet your fundraising needs.